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Brass Manufacturers India Brass Manufacturers India

We are associated with manufacture and export of Brass Precision Components, Brass & M. S. Machine Screws, Brass Nuts & Bolts, Washers, Brass Molding Inserts, Brass Building Hardware Fittings, Antique Brass Hinges, Antique Brass Handles, Tower Bolts, Gate Hooks, Ball Catchers etc. Operating from India, we are committed to providing our customers with world class quality standards. The organization follows international standards in the production of our products, ensuring global acceptance for them. Jamnagar is a hub for Brass industry of India and we are one of the most organized players.

Our Product Range

We at Fittings India have established ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of high quality brass hardware fittings. Our   products have been appreciated both in the domestic as well as  international  market. Product range offered by us includes...

Brass Electrical and Wiring Accessories
  • Brass Cable Glands
  • Brass Earthing Equipment and Accessories
  • Brass Neutral Link
  • Brass Line Taps

Brass Hardware Fittings
  • Brass Door Hinges
  • Antique Brass Handles
  • Tower Bolts
  • Gate Hooks
  • Ball Catchers
Other Products
  • Brass Screws - Phillips, combination head, socket head, knurled slotted, grub screws.
  • Brass turned hex nuts, square nuts, wing nuts
  • Brass plain washers
  • High performance brass threaded inserts
  • Highly precision turned components of brass sheet metal
  • Brass electrical accessories and components
  • Brass electronics and electrical hardware
  • Copper lugs and terminals as per IS, DIN, BS and also as per customer's drawings/specification
  • Brass HRC Fuse Parts
  • Brass Current and Potential Terminals
  • Brass Battery Terminals
  • Brass Male Female Pillars
  • Brass Panel Board and Switch Gear Parts
  • Brass Water Pump Parts
  • Brass Parts for Gas Equipment
  • Brass and M.S. Machine Screws
  • Brass Molding Inserts
  • Precision Brass Components
  • Brass Building Hardware

Variety of finishes and coatings
Our products are available in a variety of finishes and coatings such as natural, nickel plated, tin plated or any coating as per customer's specification.